3 Best In-Ground Trampoline to Buy in 2020 – Review & Guide

Just imagine you’re bouncing freely on the trampoline and having the most pleasurable time with your friends. Well, with the in-ground trampoline, you can keep bouncing all day. Not only these trampolines are much safer than above-ground but also have exceptional durability.

By looking at the hefty price tag, you might first opt for these in-ground trampolines out. However, you’re missing out on the bigger picture. They are quite expensive, but when you add maintenance costs, they are on a budget in the longer term. Its because the in-ground trampoline comes at minimal maintenance cost.

Unlike the above-ground trampolines, they make your yard look more beautiful than ever. Without blocking the pleasant view of the natural landscape, you can enjoy all the fun and thrill it offers. Here are some of the best in-ground trampoline.

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Top 3 Best In-Ground Trampoline Pick - Editors Choice

In-Ground TrampolinesWeight Limit
In-Ground Trampolines Standard450 lbs
Skywalker Trampolines 250 lbs
Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme550 lbs

In-Ground Trampolines StandardWhen you’re buying an In-ground Trampoline, durability is the most crucial factor. Since you install these within the ground, it must withstand corrosion. The In-Ground Trampolines Standard has excellent durability due to its sturdy built. Further, the stainless steel gives it magnificent anti-corrosive and water-resistant properties.

It’s because the trampoline has a galvanized steel with 14 gauge tubing and 18 durable wall panels. These panels provide additional support to the trampoline. Moreover, the spring pad cover also lasts a lot longer than you could ever imagine. The spring pad consists of vinyl, which makes it highly resistant towards the UV radiations. Therefore, it features high durability.

The next necessary spec after durability is its bounce. The bounce depends upon the number of springs and their size. It means the higher the number of springs, the better the bounce trampoline has. However, the springs must have a longer length also for such exceptional bounce. In-Ground Trampolines Standard has 96 springs that are 8.5 inches wide, for giving you super-high bounce.

Such a large number of springs are rare in 12 feet trampoline, so you’re getting a pretty good deal. Also, it is a highly stable trampoline, which is why you will get a consistent bounce. Thus, now you can bounce all day long without losing a bit of stability. Further, it can support weight up to 450 pounds, which is more than some of the other trampoline.

In-Ground Trampolines Standard

Many trampolines are only suitable for kids, but that’s not the case with the In-Ground Trampolines Standard. The kids and the adults can enjoy this trampoline without any risk of injury. Also, many kids can bounce together. In short, it can be a great source of spending some quality time with one another.

  • High Durability
  • Good Warranty
  • Excellent Bounce
  • Expensive Replacement

Overall the In-Ground Trampolines Standard is the best in-ground trampoline that you can buy. It comes with an easy installment, unlike the other trampolines. Its because it saves you from a whole lot of digging. You will only need to dig 2 feet deep.  But for a stair-step, it needs a 2ft dig further for installment. Thus, it is an excellent option if you’re looking for an in-ground trampoline.

2. Skywalker Trampolines - Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker Trampolines - Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline with EnclosureIf you’re looking for the best in-ground trampoline, then the Skywalker Trampolines with Enclosure is your best possible solution. You and your family will fall in love with this trampoline at first sight. It’s because it offers you an outstanding bounce more than any other trampoline. Therefore it is not only suitable for gymnastics but also athletes.

Another fantastic thing about this trampoline is that it comes with a basketball hoop. So just imagine how much fun it would be when you’re bouncing in the air and playing basketball at the same time. The large size makes it fit for gymnastics, so now you can practice all day long. In short, kids do get the most thrilling experience with it as well as the adults.

In addition to this, your kids will enjoy jumping on it. To make it perfect for the kids, it features outclass safety specs. For instance, it comes with an enclosure net. The net allows your kid to hop on the trampoline without landing a fall on the ground. Thus, it reduces the risk of getting an injury.

Further, the springs are present outside of the enclosure nets. It is quite an advantage when you’re concerned about the safety of your child. When your child is bouncing on the trampoline, there are zero chances of him or her hitting the springs. Also, there are no gaps present between the enclosure net and the trampoline itself, which adds additional safety.

Skywalker Trampolines - Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure

Moving on to its durability, it features a high quality built. The frame consists of galvanized steel that is reinforced welded T-sockets. Therefore the trampoline has a sturdy built, which is why it will last longer then you will expect it to be. In other words, the trampoline has high water resistance so that it won’t rust out so quickly.

Also, it can withstand the harshest UV radiation. Therefore it can tolerate all the different weather conditions. The spring also has UV– Resistant coating as they are present outside of the enclosure. So with fuller protection, the Skywalker Trampolines with an Enclosure will have a longer span because they can last upto many years.

  • Excellent Bounce
  • Superb Safety Features
  • Anti-Slippery Mat
  • Difficult Assembly Expensive

In short, the Skywalker Trampolines with Enclosure is the perfect trampoline that you will ever buy. With a super bouncy mat, it is suitable for kids, adults, athletes, and gymnastics. Further, it has all the safety features that are necessary when it comes to your child’s safety. It enjoys high ratings due to all the impressive specs; therefore, it’s not something you would want to miss.

Happy Trampoline Galactic XtremeIn case you’re ready to invest a considerable sum of money when buying an in-ground trampoline. The Happy Trampoline Galactic XtremeOutdoor Trampoline is coming with a lifetime warranty, which means you’re getting the best durable trampoline. In short, it is everlasting and will bring double fun to your family.

Since it comes with a lifetime warranty, it has incredible durability. It has a galvanized steel frame, which is both UV and water-resistant. Also, these materials don’t rust out so quickly due to different weather conditions. Unlike the other trampoline, it has a thicker frame and can support upto to 550 pounds.

In addition to this, it has long springs that provide your child the super bounce for adding extra fun. Not only do these springs give excellent bounce but also have high durability. They consist of galvanized steel, which is why these are anti-corrosive. Moreover, these have premium padding, so they are highly safe for your child to jump and to play.

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme

Further, it has a rectangular shape for giving consistent bounce. Therefore you or your child can spend have the most thrilling experience on this trampoline. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, it can last for 20 years. In the longer run, you’re saving money as you won’t have to buy another trampoline.

  • Consistent Bounce
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • High Stability
  • Expensive

Moreover, it also comes with a ladder so that your child can easily climb into an in-ground trampoline. Also, it is the sturdiest trampoline available in the market with a large size. The Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Round Circle Outdoor Trampoline is the most durable that has a sturdy steel frame and superb bounce. In short, it is a one-time investment for a lifetime.

In Wrap Up

In sum up, the in-ground trampolines are the best source of fun for both the kids and also adults. So now you and your child can spend quality time together. Moreover, these are perfect for athletes and gymnasts and help in improving your physical and mental health. Before purchasing any in-ground trampoline, be sure that you’re familiar with all the necessary factors. Here are the top pick. I am hoping that you have found this review to be exceptionally useful. With this review, you will be able to find the right in-ground trampoline for your backyard. For getting further access to such helpful content, keep visiting our website. Have a happy shopping and enjoy bouncing with your family with your in-ground trampoline.

Why In-Ground Trampolines?

There are many reasons why you would want to buy an In-Ground trampoline. It’s because these come with excellent bounce and are also much safer for kids. Below are some of its best specs that will leave you craving for the in-ground trampoline.


When your kid is bouncing in the air safety should be the priority. Some trampolines come with metal framing. Sometimes when your child is jumping on the trampoline, he or she might bump into these frames. But the in-ground trampoline has protective steel frames, so there is a lower chance of getting an injury.

Many trampolines also have ladders for entering into it. Although the adults will have no trouble in climbing those ladders, it’s a bit risky for kids. Therefore if you’re buying a trampoline for your child, then you’re better off with the inground trampoline.

Maintenance Cost

The first time you purchase an in-ground trampoline, it will be much more expensive than its other types. But don’t let its hefty price tag fool you. Even though the above-ground are comparatively much cheaper, they come with high maintenance costs. Thus, in the long run, the above-ground trampoline comes with a higher price.

However, the in-ground trampoline has a minimal maintenance cost. Many different weather conditions, such as strong winds and tornadoes, can impact the durability of a trampoline. Since they have excellent anti-corrosive properties, there is nothing to worry about as it withstands all these weather conditions. In short, these are long-lasting trampolines and, at the same time, light on your budget.


When you’re setting a trampoline in your backyard, many of us want it to fit with our garden. These come with covers that are highly suitable for natural landscaping. The mats seem to blend effortlessly with the surrounding environment. In other words, an in-ground trampoline enhances the aesthetics of your garden.

Also, the view is equally important when you’re sitting in your garden. Its because well all find the pleasant sooting to our eyes. The above-ground trampoline will block the mesmerizing view, but that’s not the case with the in-ground trampolines. Also, you can even add other decors around the trampoline. So it’s worth it.

Exclusive Guide for Picking the Right In-Ground Trampoline

To know whether you’re buying a high-quality product or not, you must know all the essential features of that product. These factors will help you to decide whether you want to purchase that item or not. So if you’re looking for the best in-ground trampoline, then to find one, you must know about all the essential factors. Only then can you get the right trampoline for your family. The following are the features that you must keep in mind.


Size is the first factor that you should consider when you’re buying a trampoline. It is determined mainly by two factors.  First is the area of your garden, and the second is the user itself. The in-ground trampoline installation requires deep digging into the ground. So in case you buy the wrong size, you will have to remove it from the backyard first, which is quite a hectic process.

The second one is the individual that will be using the trampoline. If you’re buying a trampoline only for your kids, then go with the standard size. However, if it’s for the entire family, then I would prefer a larger one. With the giant trampoline, you and your kids can bounce as much you want without damaging the trampoline. Thus buy a size that best fits your garden and your family.


The next factor is the installation of the in-ground trampolines. Installing these trampoline is quite a difficult task. It requires deep digging into the ground and also putting the parts together by mounting the unit. Sometimes you will need technical support for setting it in your backyard. However, even though installing a trampoline is difficult, some are less complex to install than others.

In case you’re planning to set up the trampoline all by yourself, then buy the one that comes with simple installments. Try to get a trampoline that requires less digging. Some trampolines only need 3 to 4 feet to explore. In addition to this, the assemblage of parts also matters as the simpler it is, the more convenient it is for you.

Also, you must be familiar with the necessary guidelines so that you can easily install it on your own. However, if you’re opting for technical support, then you can go for any trampoline without worry about its setup. In the end, it’s really up to you.

Water Drainage System

The outdoor in-ground trampoline has to bear various weather conditions, and one of those conditions is heavy rain. Many trampolines have a base set under the ground. Therefore when it’s raining, it will be underwater in case there is an internal drainage system. The water can damage different parts of the trampoline. To resolve this issue, you should buy a high-quality trampoline that is highly resistant to water.

Also, the mat can even go below the ground if there is no proper water drainage system. It’s because it is only a few centimeters above the ground. Therefore you will have to spend extra money on replacement. To save yourself from additional investment, you can get professional help. Inshort an excellent water drainage system for removing water is extremely important.

Trampoline Mat

High-quality in-ground trampoline features extra strong and sturdy mats. It’s because the bouncing surface is the central part of a trampoline where your kid will bounce all day long. Thus, you must buy the one that has an extremely durable mat. In other words, it got to have premium quality material built.

Instead of buying a vented mesh mat, get the one that consists of polypropylene or permatron. These have magnificent UV- resistance capacity and also are highly water-resistant. Therefore the surface can withstand heavy rain and extremely sunny days. In addition to this, get a mat that has a higher number of stitches. Its because it is better than the one that doesn’t. The higher the number of stitches, the longer will be its durability due to minimal tearing.

Moreover, some jumping mats have excellent airflow systems. However, the bounce of these won’t be as high as the other in-ground trampoline. Yet, these have a high airflow but lack excellent durability.


Another factor that you need to consider is the bounce of that trampoline. The primary function of a trampoline is bouncing. So when you’re investing a pretty good sum of money, you want to get the most bouncy trampoline available. The question here is, how will you know that the trampoline has an excellent bounce.

Well, the answer is simple as the bounce of any in-ground trampoline depends upon the length and the number of springs. The higher the number of springs, the better the is the bounce of that trampoline. Similarly, the longer the springs, the bouncier it is. Therefore when your buying one makes sure, it has a good number of springs with an adequate length.

Generally, an inground- trampoline must have 80 to 90 springs with a length of 7 inches. Further, the weight also decides the number of springs of an in-ground trampoline. If the user is heavy, then he or she should buy a trampoline that has a large number of springs to it.


The in-ground trampolines are much safer than the above-ground trampolines. But still, some safety features can even make these even much safer to use. The adults will have no problem with it, but kids will require these additional safety measures.

When your child is bouncing on the trampoline, there are some chances for her or him to fall off. To avoid such accidents, get a trampoline that comes with an enclosure net. The net will keep your child within that bouncing mat. So there is nothing to worry about in terms of the safety of your child.

Also, the trampoline must come with good-quality padding. It’s because sometimes when your child is bouncing, he or she might hit the steel frame. To make sure that your kids are playing safe, look for trampolines that have foam padding on the steel frame. Also, the edges of the mat should have a superior padding system for additional safety.


Budget is the top priority of many customers when they are buying a particular product. The overall cost of an in-ground trampoline considering the maintenance is low. In case you are willing to invest and want to buy a trampoline that is suitable for the entire family. Then a giant in-ground trampoline can best serve you as it accommodates many kids and also has a high weight limit.

Also, buying a trampoline that has exceptional safety features and performance is a better option. Even though these come with hefty price tags, they are worth buying because of their excellent quality. In short, it’s better to spend money on a one-time investment rather than doing it again and again.

Contrary to this, if you’re looking for a much cheaper in-ground trampoline, then go for the smaller ones. These trampolines will accommodate fewer people but are less expensive than the larger ones. Also, the adults can buy these types depending upon their needs.

Weight limit

Each trampoline supports the specific weight of an individual. If the load is higher than the permissible limit, then you might end up breaking the trampoline. But that’s not the case with in-ground trampoline as they easily allow two people to bounce together at the same time. In short, these have a much higher weight capacity.

If you’re an adult, then I would prefer you in-ground trampolines that have a high weight capacity. These can easily bear the weight of a heavy jumper. But for kids, go for a smaller trampoline with the medium weight capacity. Therefore checking the weight limit is necessary for an in-ground trampoline.

Additional Features

Many in-ground trampolines also come with additional features. These extra specs make the trampoline much more exciting for kids. For instance, it may have a basketball hoop inside the trampoline along with a basketball. Now when your child is bouncing in the air, he/she can enjoy basketball. Therefore your kid can shoot the ball into hoop once in a while.

While other trampolines have a canopy on the top, these trampolines resemble tents, which is why the kids will find these much more engaging. To them, it’s just like a mini-castle where they can bounce all around and have a fantastic time. In short, with such additional features, you can enhance the thrill of your children.

Maintenance Cost

When you’re buying an in-ground trampoline, it also comes with maintenance costs. It’s because after using these for an extended period, the mat will start to wear out. Therefore you will have to buy a new one. However, these days many brands offer you a sturdy and durable bouncing surface that is everlasting and will save you money.

Thus you won’t have to replace them more often. The mats have high durability, but that’s not that case with mesh nets and padding on the spring. Some of them consist of cheaper materials, which is why they won’t last for a more extended period. However, the ones that have premium quality material have a better lifespan. Hence make sure you check these parts of an in-ground trampoline.

Brand and Warranty

At last, is the brand and warranty of an in-ground trampoline. Brand reputation is equally important when you’re buying any product from the market. The brands that are known for their high-quality products should be your utmost priority. In this way, you will get that exact product that you’re paying for while shopping.

In addition to this, the warranty that you are getting with the product is also essential. Expensive trampolines have a more extended warranty due to their high-quality material. In comparison, other trampolines have a shorter warranty of about a year but come at a lower price.


Most frequent questions and answers

The in-ground trampolines are much safer as they lower chances of injury.

The in-ground trampoline better in terms of maintaining the budget, improving aesthetics and also safety.

The top-rated trampolines are the Skywalker Trampolines that are high-quality and come with an excellent bounce.

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