10 Best Kids Trampoline 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

The best kids trampoline and that too, brought right in your home?

Well, there are specific sizes of kids toys that you cannot generally bring in your backyard. But not all are the same.

Trampoline is one such recreational sports the kids are more ardent about than anything because jumping and bouncing is what they want to perform endlessly.

They are speculated to be somewhat dangerous and harmful, bouncing off the trampoline needs to be extra careful when in use, and especially when your adorable kid is on it.

Despite the sizes and price tags, the trampoline is kids-friendly, and that is only possible when it is ensured and armed with the potential safety measurements for the safest playing. 

So, here we take a flight to bring you only 10 of the best kids trampoline for your kids to play safe and enjoy limitlessly.

Do not compel to acquire much of the space out in your backyard, and some kids trampoline is right to have it and stretched in the TV lounge to see the kids enjoy bouncing in front of your eyes.

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List of the Best Kids Trampoline - Updated Picks for 2020

Best Kids TrampolineWeight CapacitySize Dimension
Pure Fun100 pounds48 x 48 x 35 inches
Propel PTS55-RE100 pounds50 x 50 x 40 inches
Upper Bounce Mini 220 pounds40 x 40 x 8 inches
Pure Fun 75 pounds38 x 38 x 30 inches
Merax 375 pounds180 x 180 x 128.4 inches
LANGXUN220 pounds76.2 x 15.2 x 0.8 cm
Merax350 pounds148 inches
Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme550 pounds432 x 720 x 480 inches
LBLA132 pounds18 x 13 x 4 inches
Shizz180 pounds38 inches

1. Pure Fun - Best Kids Trampoline

Pure Fun,

Crafted for the optimum fun, this Pure Fun trampoline comes with the enhanced support in the form of integrated handrail provides the absolute safety to hold the kids’ weight while binging and bouncing to the maximum of what they can.

Colored in pink and formed in the round shape that is enough higher from the ground where it would not let to touch the floor how hard the kids bounce.

Enough clearance area of 48 inches allows the kids to maintain their stamina with building the agility and the balance, which the trampoline is the only available source to do it well than other such activities.

Integrated with the curved safety bar enacted with the ergonomic standards with wearing the cushioned handle to flex and increase the comfortability to grip well while bouncing like a crazy lad.

Certified for safety checks and approved by ASTMTUV-GS, and CE that ensure it is not vulnerable to bring any harm to your kid, and the bouncing system is safer than ever.

Formed with the galvanized steel springs in 3.5 inches of length to sustain the design delivering the outstanding bouncing experience, which would not bend the springs after continuous usage and the padded spring cover veiling the springs to feel softened even if the kids get to take the leaps from the sides.

Capable of holding over 100 pounds and recommended for the kids surpassing 3+ years. 

Have fun bouncing to the limits! 🙂

  • Ergonomic safety bar
  • Thick 3.5” galvanized steel springs used
  • Recommended for kids with age 3+ years
  • Non-adjustable handlebars

2. Propel PTS55-RE

Propel PTS55-RE

Maybe you do not want to take any risk, and of course, being a parent, we understand, to not have to bring in the trampoline home due to safety measures it lacks with and can invite harm rather than fun.

If you have the same concern, just throw it away right now as this Propel PTS55-RE is designed with the full safety enclosure that sizes to over 55 inches and wrapped in red color is the safer trampoline in the market to keep your kid safe. 

Recommended to use by one kid at a time, loaded with six padded pools, and the embedded and safe, durable enclosure keeps the kid protected against falling off the ground.

Having the base net that does not let anything get underneath so that the kid on top has the ultimate freedom to jump the way he (or she) wants.

As for the sturdy design, it is loaded with over 30 but heavy-duty bungees that last for years to come and absorb all the bounces with eliminating the dangers which the conventional springs would not be able to keep at bay.

Use it indoor and outdoor, and this Propel PTS55-RE would bring only the ultimate fun to the kids despite the icy condition where you cannot place it outside to kids to play with.

  • Includes safety enclosure
  • Loaded with 30 bungees
  • Cannot use by two bit-grown kids at a time

3. Upper Bounce Mini

Upper Bounce Mini

Jump! Jump! And jump!

And that is what your kids are going to do all day long when they set a foot over this mini and foldable trampoline from Upper Bounce.

It can be utilized not just for fun but for fitness as well to keep your blood circulation at a high level, and raising the blood pressure for some time is right rather than inviting any danger to your health when it is built through exercises.

Made with the high-grade steel, the frame this mini trampoline got would last for years with the immense durability guaranteed as the galvanized steel frame backed by the powder-coated material to go through every day’s usage, and the strange weather would not produce the rust which can ultimately let the trampoline die down way sooner than the expected lifetime.

After the frame, the most intriguing thing we should praise for is the premium-quality of the jumping mat, keeping the design in meshed form and stitched with over eight rows to make it much secured and minimizes the mat from excessive wear and tear to prove the claim it would last for years.

The critical element that is way more important than anything, and we are talking about the springs as it got the heavy-gauge steel springs able to hold the weight over 220lbs, resulting in higher bounces and not bending the shape of either the frame and the springs.

Foldable design with the removable and height-adjustable handrail, which you can take off when not in use so that you can take it along on the picnic to double the fun.

  • Adjustable handrail
  • Foldable design
  • Needs to get assembled

4. Pure Fun

Pure Fun

Maybe you would be surprised looking at this compact 38 inches of bungee-like trampoline that fits well for the kids aged 3 to 7 years to jump and bounce with the added safety to keep you protected without anyone to oversee what the kids of this young age are doing.

Just you have to make the verse to keep the handrail always in their grips that ensure the kids have the minimized chance of getting fallen off the trampoline to get hurt seriously.

Comes with no-spring means it has all the bungee-style that is more bouncing than most of the trampolines as the bounce produced through bungee is enough impacting which can get you to fly off the safety measures are not practiced.

For the same reason to keep you safe when bouncing, the padded handrail allows you to hold it and do all the fun. 

Sturdy and strengthening frame which would never get bent and that is our absolute guarantee because this Pure Fun bungee-style trampoline is best recommended for the younger kids from age 3 to 8 years if you seriously take care of the loaded weight as it goes for the maximum weight capacity to hold over 75 lbs to sustain the same look for years.

Play the way the kids want with keeping the handrail in the grip to experience learning the balance and stamina, which helps to develop the muscles as that goes well during this age bracket without strains and would be done in a fun way.

  • Best bungee-styled trampoline for little kids
  • Certified bouncing system
  • Sturdy frame
  • Handlebar does not adjust

5. Merax - Best trampolines for the money

The more significant it is, the better! For the same concept, we bring this Merax trampoline that is 15 feet wide and endorsed with the safety enclosure that gives the room to around six kids in one row.

Loaded with six feet high of the safety enclosure supported by five foam-padded poles and one extra and thickened pole which tightens the enclosure to keep in shape along with galvanized sturdy frame proves the durability and longevity as the frame is purely constructed with the heavy-gauge and rust-resistant steel formed into W-shape legs to enjoy the acute balance. It would not lose its grip even if stormed by over six kids bouncing all around this large trampoline.

Not only does it allow you to bounce here and there, but you can also divide the team of kids and play basketball as it comes with the properly-netted basketball that supports the standard-sized ball to win the points.

And includes the 4-step ladder made with the heavy-duty steel to enter into the base of the trampoline, so no more scratching the surface and not wanting to pull you inside.

It comes with 108 heavy-duty steel-based springs, and the sturdy frame made with all of the steel ensures the impact does not care about it. But you should be more than cautious about the maximum capacity of the kids to not cross 375lbs’ mark at all.

No more jumping when you are surrounded by your dear friends, this 15 feet trampoline keeps the kids busy playing the terrific basketball sessions for hours.

  • Bigger 15 feet round trampoline
  • Comes loaded with basketball hoop
  • 108 galvanized steel springs
  • Houses over 6 to 10 kids at a time
  • A bit expensive

6. LANGXUN - Best Indoor & Outdoor Trampoline for Kids


It is not the trampoline that matters, and it is the size that does. And there are just a few of them worth giving a try. But this particular one from LANGXUN is relatively small in format but sufficient enough to provide an appropriate space to over 3 to 4 kids to enjoy bouncing as well as play basketball as it comes integrated with the basketball hoop.

Use either indoor or outdoor, and it is all up to you as this goes super lightweight, and only five feet size takes not much space indoors to never stop the kids from playing on this trampoline.

Loaded with the reinforced t-sockets along with galvanized steel frame stabilize the upper enclosure frame to as deep as the frame placed on the surface to keep intact and prevent from getting twisted and breaking.

UV-approved and sewed through PE threads secure safety nets with enough density to absorb all the impact it takes up when the kids deliberately touch it with full force.

And to give the superior bouncing experiences, it comes with the heavy-gauged 4 inches of springs to keep the jumping mat to take up all the weight made with the polypropylene that ensures it would never degrade in the performance and stays durable for years.

Approved and certified from GS that validates the safety of the product that is essential to have when you have it bought for playing by your kids from age 1 to 7 years.

Bigger and better, this LANGXUN 5 feet trampoline comes included with the zipper entry to keep the kids secured while they enjoy jumping all around the trampoline without the hunch of falling out from intense jumping.

  • Best for indoor and outdoor kids trampoline
  • Added with basketball hoop
  • 4 inches heavy-gauged steel springs
  • Requires to self-assembled

7. Merax


That goes for another bigger-in-the-size trampoline to fit multiple kids enjoy bouncing for the whole day with nothing stopping them.

And the basketball hoop adds more to keep them engaged playing as a team. Though bouncing off the trampoline looks more like a fun game, but in reality, it helps to build up the muscles and learn stability and balance, so it does more than what it seems for.

With this Merax trampoline, it goes with the 14 feet of the rounded-design. It features the galvanized rust-resistance and heavy-gauged steel-constructed frame with the integrated over six W-shaped legs that would never lift the trampoline even if the kids are gathers on one side and adds the stability. At the same time, it would not slip or miss contacting the floor.

Got over five foam-padded poles and an extra thick pole used for hanging the basketball hoop keeps the netted safety enclosure secured and remains tight, keeping the kids secured with the random jumpings and would not break or cut because of the immense high-quality material used to put up the enclosure.

And the added zipper closer to keep them inside playing to their limits before wanting to get off. 🙂

Seventy-two springs are keeping the jumping mat intact and secured and made with the galvanized springs to keep attached the woven jumping mate with the frame to enjoy the high bounces and covered with the gaps with green PVC padded frame from getting the hands and feet stuck and twisted which can turn harmful in dangerous events.

  • Includes ladder to climb up
  • Suitable for housing 6 to 8 kids at a time
  • Basketball hoop
  • A little bit expensive

8. Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme

Not every trampoline goes into the rounded shape, or any bigger of them would only house around 4 to 6 kids at the max.

But we are talking about something extraordinary bigger in size to house over 10 to 15 kids uncomplicatedly as it got the maximum weight capacity of well over 550 pounds. That’s huge, isn’t it?

Just like the weight limit, this Galactic Xtreme Happy Trampoline is designed in the rectangular form with the dimension of 10 feet x 20 feet and goes to set up only in the outdoors just because you cannot build a dedicated room to place it indoors, can you? 🙂

More durable than all, this beast trampoline comes with the more robust and stabilized frame with 3.0mm thick steel of the commercial-grade quality that takes the tubing galvanized from inside to outward and the patented rail adds durability to best compete in the market.

Safer and protective net enclosure that surrounds all around the trampoline to support the inexperienced users because the kids are prone to get crazy and would not hear your advice for the safe bouncing as the material used to put up the safety enclosure would not let the kids jump out and break as they touch.

Made the safety enclosure with the premium-quality polyester and in meshed form to keep it sturdy and robust to last for years.

It is loaded with 156 and 9” long and tapered springs made with the high-quality steel for the ultimate bouncing on this premium-quality polypropylene jumping mat to experience jumping all day long.

  • Bigger to house over 10 to 18 kids at a time
  • Safer to use
  • Galvanized steel tubing
  • Somewhat expensive but comes with the higher capacity

9. LBLA - Amazon's Choice


Little trampoline from LBLA crafted for the small missiles, a.k.a. The little lads to having him enjoying the best out of bungee-style rebounding trampoline.

Suited to work indoor and outdoor, this 36 inches trampoline does take a bit of space so that you can place it in the TV lounge to see your little kid bouncing like a crazy guy the way they want. 

It is added with the safety handrail for keeping the balance in grip and being well-padded that would not slip out from the grasp to jump with confidence.

And comes added with the protective cover, which protects the kids from falling right on the steel frame and safeguarding it from scratches and abrasions that is possible through a strong impact.

The safety handrail designed to be adjustable to lift according to the height of the kids so that it would still work for any aged kids from 3 years to 6 years and allows the maximum weight capacity of 132 lbs but even and after all the whole safety precautions applied, it still requires the adult supervision to keep the kids playing safer and not bypassing the safety measures at all.

  • Designed with bold steel
  • Padded handrail from the center
  • Adjustable handrail
  • Does not fold

10. Shizz - New Release


The bigger and broader, this 38 inches holds a single kid to bounce made with the high-quality steel thickened to 1.5mm and wearing the anti-skid and anti-noise foot cover on the bottom, which would not slip even with the rough usage.

Make the trampoline mat, frame, and every single thing put up together this Shizz trampoline ensures it is made of high-quality materials.

Being the trampoline mat backed by the waterproof design does not invite the rust from moisture and would not degrade the springs even if they come in direct contact with the water.Able to hold over 180 lbs, this durable and kid-friendly Shizz trampoline works best indoor and outdoor, allowing bouncing around the mat safely.

  • Wears anti-slip and anti-noise foot cover on the legs
  • Rust and waterproof
  • Holds up 180 lbs
  • Does not come with the foldable design

Conclusion of the Best Kids Trampoline

Make no mistake to bring any other trampoline for the kids because they turn out to become noxious if they are NOT used with care.

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The netted and safety enclosure trampolines are excellent and reduce the chance of getting hurt, but the good thing about another bungee-styled trampoline for kids loaded with the handrail bar is an acute safety measure to seamlessly enjoy bouncing and jumping while keeping the handrail in your grip.

Let the kids enjoy indoor and outdoor to deal with the summer vacations to learn to balance in a fun way!

So, shed all the worries as we bring the top 10 best kids trampoline for your kids to enjoy beyond the limits! 🙂


Most frequent questions and answers

The best trampolines are the ones that have durable features and sturdy body components. Any trampoline that ranges from 12ft Trampoline – 16ft Trampoline in size is perfect for a 12-year-old. An 8ft trampoline with enclosure is also the most sought after size and is suitable for a child from 4 years old to 12 years old easily.

Trampolines can cause many injuries, but if children jump on a safer trampoline, they can easily prevent them from happening. Some of the most reliable and best trampolines for kids are

  1. Springfree Trampolines
  2. Vuly Thunder Trampoline
  3. Plum Play Wave
  4. Bounce Pro 14’ Trampoline, Classic Enclosure
  5. Airzone 14’ Trampoline with Enclosure
  6. JumpKing Trampolines

All trampolines given above are safest and are of fantastic quality. When you buy a trampoline for the kid, make safety,s and quality your priority.

A kid younger than age six years should not be allowed to use the trampoline. But if you are giving trampoline to a child younger than six years old, make sure to limit the trampoline activity. A pediatric orthopedic surgeon said that this is because the children under the age of 6 have fragile bones, and they are not meant to withstand the repetitive pressure from jumping.

Allow only one person at a time to use the trampoline to avoid any injuries or accidents. Limit the number of kids to get on the trampoline at the same time. Set up this rule for jumping on the trampoline and make it safer for your child.

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