Top 7 Best Rectangle Trampolines in 2020 – Buying Guide Included!

Trampoline is not only fun to jump on it also helps in losing weight. User sometimes makes hasty decisions and buys a trampoline that has cheap parts and average durability. Therefore, through this article, you shall obtain relevant information that will help you in choosing the most durable and high-quality rectangle trampoline.

The best rectangle trampoline has some distinctive features. Due to its rectangular dimensions, it has more bounce than a regular round trampoline. It also has better safety because there are spring points in different places. These spring points balance the trampoline and do not draw your body towards the center this prevents collisions if multiple people are jumping.

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Top 7 Best Rectangular Trampoline For Fun & Entertainment

Trampoline NameFeature
Skywalker RectanglePatented no-gap safety enclosure
Acon Trampoline Air 16Smooth major bounce
JumpSport AlleyOOPPowerBounce technology
Jump-N-DunkGalvanized steel frame
Upper Bounce GymnasticsWeight capacity of 500 lbs
Skywalker 14-Foot Square UV protected polypropylene mat
Mega Outdoor TrampolineEasy assemblage

1. Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline

Skywalker is one of the leading trampoline producers. This time they have manufactured a trampoline that has some of the most elite features any trampoline can have. The springs used in the trampoline are soft and sturdy. Overall dimensions of the trampoline are such that it shall fit easily in your garden. We shall review the major quirks and features of this Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline below.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know

First, we shall review the style and design of the trampoline. The Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline has a good overall look. It is not too wide for its liking. The medium size dimensions make it look modern and beautiful. The Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline has a jumping area of 78’’ x 150’’ that is sufficient for multiple friends to hop on and have fun. The frame height is 109.8” which is also a great number.

Moving on from the design, the trampoline has one of the best safety features you can have in a trampoline. The patented enclosure present at the edges successfully eliminated any gaps between the enclosure nets and the jumping surface. Thus protecting the jumper from openings & pinch points. The trampoline is tested for durability and passes the ASTM standards.

The modern rectangular trampoline uses two different sets of springs to maximize comfort and prevention from injuries. The (80-7” & 4-5.5”) springs act as shock absorbers and do not put extra pressure on your knees as you are landing.

The Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline is made of soft, safe materials that have a hook-and-loop breakaway rim. This rim protects the enclosure net and poles from any sort of damage. There are a 3-year frame warranty and 1-year parts warranty provided by the company.

  • Contemporary design
  • Two different sets of springs
  • Patented no-gap safety enclosure
  • Jumping area of 78’’ x 150’’
  • 3-year frame warranty
  • 1-year parts warranty
  • Poor customer service
  • Little bit expensive

Final View:

In my opinion, it is one of the safest rectangle trampolines that you can buy. The springs used are of premium quality and overall maximum fun can be extracted from other aspects of the trampoline. Although it may be a little expensive, it is the best rectangle trampoline in 2020 because of its elite features.

2. Acon Trampoline Air 16

Acon Trampoline Air 16

Next up on our list is the new Acon Air trampoline. The 16 feet rectangle trampoline has a sophisticated sporty design that looks great. The all-black design looks quite modern for a trampoline and the edges and poles have been manufactured with fine quality material. The overall finish of the design is exquisite. Perhaps this is the reason that it is the top-rated rectangle trampoline on the list with 4.8 stars. Let us review its major features below.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know

Firstly, let us talk about the frame structure of the Acon Trampoline Air 16. The Acon Air has a heavy-duty frame structure that premium quality of materials used in it. The frame structure has stiff endings that provide great momentum while jumping and proper stability while hitting the ground. The durable frame is approved of the ASTM & CE trampoline safety standards.

The manufacturer understands that the design of the Acon Trampoline Air 16 has to complement the springs to obtain maximized balance while jumping and optimal performance. Therefore, the synergistic design of the trampoline complements the individual spring in distributing the load and absorbing the weight brilliantly for a comfortable and smoother bounce.

The Acon Trampoline Air 16 also has no single user weight limit that ensures that a person of any weight class can easily have fun at a time by jumping up and down. It also acts as a brilliant calorie burning equipment. There are trampoline ground anchors and spring puller tools included for user accessibility and assistance.

The Acon Trampoline Air 16 dimensions are height is 40 inches with enclosure of 126 inches that is more than sufficient for multiple people to bounce freely.

  • All-black design
  • Extensive warranty package
  • Heavy-duty frame structure
  • Approved ASTM & CE ratings
  • No single user weight limit
  • Safety net included
  • Cannot attach basketball hoop

Final View:

This exciting features and brilliant design of the Acon Trampoline Air 16 has won the hearts of the users. Therefore, it has become one of the top-rated rectangle trampolines available. The major reason for this is the strong and sturdy frame structure that ensures maximized bounce and stability.

3. JumpSport AlleyOOP

JumpSport AlleyOOP

No 3, on our list is a brilliantly designed ALLEY OOP based rectangle trampoline. This trampoline has good quality springs that make the jumping more stable and you maintain balancing during lifting as well as landing. The high-performance black springs have been engineered with extra care to enhance the overall performance of the JumpSport AlleyOOP trampoline. Let us review its quirks and features below.

Important Features That You Need To Know

For achieving ultimate bounce performance, the manufacturer has equipped the trampoline with power bounce technology. This technology is an additional spring system that can be tuned according to user preferences like weight, age, and skill level. There are two high-quality springs mounted into this power bounce technology that serves to enhance the shock absorption and overall balance.

Moving on, one of the most highlighted features of this brilliant trampoline is the convenient rest zone. The exquisite pad space and a vertical net design provide increased play area so that when children are playing together they have enough space to maintain distance and land safely while jumping. The pad is made of durable, gym-quality foam with a 21oz PVC covering. This provides comfort to your kids’ feet, as he is jumping, increased space for landing, and ultimately safer experience.

In terms of entertainment aspect, there is a built-in basketball net, this shall help your kids to play basketball while jumping and hence they can extract the maximum amount of fun as this is a multifunctional trampoline.

The JumpSport AlleyOOP trampoline has a surface frame that can hold a weight capacity of 295 lbs. The trampoline performs greatly on the ATSM impact performance test and there is safe to use by the user.

  • Advanced safety net design
  • Patented overlapping doorway
  • ATSM approved
  • PowerBounce technology
  • Basketball hoop included
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Minimal material quality issues

Final View:

This is a full range brilliant rectangle trampoline having a first-class alley-oop installed in it. This is one of the most exciting trampolines from the perspective of the kids as they can obtain fun both from jumping as well through playing basketball.

4. Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk

Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk

Next up on our list is another brilliant trampoline manufactured by Skywalker Company. The trampoline is perfect for anyone that is looking to improve his or her jumping skills and have fun. This cool trampoline has a durable galvanized steel frame, which is one of the most durable ones you can have in a trampoline. Let us further explore this splendid trampoline below.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know

First, up let us talk about the style and design of the trampoline. The Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk trampoline has a perfect design with the green color scheme having all the parts placed at their correct place. The trampoline is 14 feet in size that is big enough for multiple kids to play together easily.

Furthermore, the premium quality tightly coiled springs are made of steel. These springs are located all around the trampoline on the outside of the enclosure net for added safety and consistent bounce. The springs are a rust-resistant coating that shall work fine for a long time.

In addition to this, the enclosed net of the trampoline makes it safer for kids and teenagers to do skills. There is no threat of falling out from the trampoline as they enclosed net has a dual zipper and latch clip closure system that shall keep the kids safe while performing jumps.

In terms of dimensions, the Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk trampoline has a frame height from the ground: 37.4”. The jumping surface: 92 sq. ft. The weight limit that the trampoline can bear is 250 lbs.

  • Premium quality tightly coiled springs
  • Durable galvanized steel frame
  • Enclosed net
  • Weight limit of 250 lbs
  • Rust-resistant springs
  • Customer service issues
  • Missing instruction manual

Final View:

This is the perfect option for kids to learn some jumping skills and perform different tricks. The trampoline has an advanced safety designed that makes it the best rectangle trampoline for kids and teenagers.

5. Upper Bounce Gymnastics Trampoline

Upper Bounce Gymnastics Trampoline

As apparent from the name, this trampoline is here to provide you with extraordinary bounce that will let you achieve maximum fitness and fun. Not only is the trampoline entertainment worthy, but it shall also add more fun and colors to your garden or backyard. The design of the trampoline is so simple it shall be beneficial during assemblage & disassembling. Let us review its features and exciting quirks below.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know

Let us talk about the frame of the trampoline first, as it is a very important aspect from the user’s perspective. The manufacturer at Upper Bounce has constructed a heavy-duty compact black-coated steel frame that provides enhanced durability. There is an additional aspect to it there are welded sockets on the frame of trampoline that hold the upper enclosure pools ultimately preventing the frame from breaking or twisting.

In addition to this, there are strong and stiff rust-free springs attached to the frame of the trampoline. The heavy-duty springs have a weight capacity of around 500 lbs, which means that several friends or siblings can play together at the same time. The springs act as shock absorbers and help you stabilize your jumps and provide maximum bouncing amenity.

Furthermore, there is a premium PP mesh material-jumping mat installed in the Upper Bounce Gymnastics Trampoline. The mat has 8 rows of stitching that guarantees safety from tearing and maximum security against breakage.

Last but not the least the Upper Bounce Gymnastics Trampoline has a no-gap enclosed design that prevents your feet from getting stuck while landing and ultimately acts as a resistance against injuries and accidents. The premium quality enclosure net has a dual closure system made from 100% Terylene mesh material. The dual closure system provides maximum security against your kids falling off the trampoline by accident.

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • 8 rows of stitched mat
  • No-gap enclosed design
  • Maximized bouncing springs
  • Weight capacity of 500 lbs
  • Enclosure might be small
  • Assemblage issues

Final View:

There are some exciting features and aspects included in this trampoline. It is an all-around complete package having high-quality durability and flexible functions. It is one of the best value for money rectangle trampoline on the market.

6. Skywalker 14-Foot Square Trampoline

Skywalker 14-Foot Square Trampoline

Next in line is another top-rated rectangle trampoline with exciting features. The newly designed frame has 20% more jumping surface than before and the total area is an astonishing 149 sq ft. This extensive jumping surface is supported by a galvanized steel frame, which has been constructed with superior materials. Overall, it is a great rectangle trampoline for adults we will further explore it below.

Important Quirks That You Need To Know

Starting the review, let us discuss the jump mat that has been placed in the frame of the trampoline. The manufacturers at Skywalker have woven a polypropylene-based mat that is UV protected. This extensively thick mat has several layers of stitching to prevent tearing and it has been tightly woven so that it does not break easily.

In addition to this, there is a standard patented no-gap enclosure system that ensures the safety of your children while jumping in the trampoline. The enclosed spaced design allows that to obtain maximum fun from the trampoline while remaining safe at the same time.

Furthermore, the Skywalker 14-Foot Square Trampoline has a 3-year frame warranty and 1-year parts warranty that covers your future concerns. The brilliantly designed trampoline also passes the ATSM standards and is one of the safest trampolines out there.

Inclusive rust-resistant springs and the reinforced T sockets ensure maximum strength and bounce are achieved. These features help bring extra comfort and balance to your jumping experience.

  • No-gap enclosure design
  • 20% more jumping surface
  • 3-year frame warranty
  • Weather & rust-resistant steel frame
  • UV protected polypropylene mat
  • ASTM Safety approved
  • No-gap enclosure design
  • Doesn’t include assemblage instructions
  • Bounce level might be low

Final View:

One of the most exciting trampolines on the list that is equipped with almost all the necessary features. It has a durable galvanized steel frame that will last for a long time. Moreover, it passes the ASTM safety standards and is one of the safest and fun trampolines to have fun on.

7. Mega Outdoor Trampoline

Mega Outdoor Trampoline

Last but not least is a beautifully designed trampoline. The bluish design will look great in your garden or backyard for you to have fun. Not only does the trampoline look good, but it also has ultra bounce technology that will let you touch the sky. The exciting outdoor trampoline has some exciting and elite features that shall be discussed in the review below. Let us jump right into it.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know

Let us start by discussing the frame construction of this excellent Mega Outdoor Trampoline. The frame has been manufactured with galvanized steel for enhanced durability and reliability. In addition to this, the frame is also powder-coated for extended stiffness and ultimate stability.

Moreover, the Mega Outdoor Trampoline is equipped with a premium quality safety pad that has double layers of rubber. This provides exclusive protection against impact from the stiff springs or the sturdy frame. Your ankles and feet will not even will a little pain of pain while jumping on this smooth and comfortable trampoline.

Moving on from the safety pad, the Mega Outdoor Trampoline comes with an instruction manual that has some simple steps for you to follow and assemble this trampoline without any hassle. There is also an included screwdriver, T-Hook for you to assemble the product easily.

The design and fitting of the trampoline are ideal for performing skills and learning how to jump properly. From its strong steel frame to comfortable 8 rows PP mesh jumping mat, everything has been engineered deeply and with care. So, the user can obtain the top jumping experience.

  • Designed for learning skills
  • Premium quality safety pad
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • 8 rows PP mesh jump mat
  • Instruction manual
  • Accessories for assemblage
  • Average customer service
  • Small size for adults

Final View:

This is the perfect rectangle trampoline for beginners to learn and have fun. The safety aspect of the Mega Outdoor Trampoline and its compact parts enable the user to extract ultimate fun and hone their skills.

Top 3 Recommendations

  1. Acon Trampoline Air 16 as it is the top-rated rectangle trampoline on the list.
  2. Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline as it is the best rectangle trampoline in 2020.
  3. Upper Bounce Gymnastics Trampoline as it is the best value for money rectangle trampoline.

Buyer’s guide. Things to consider while buying a Rectangle Trampoline.

  1. Frame Structure: One of the major aspects of a rectangle trampoline is its frame structure. It is the core that lets you perform different sorts of jumps. Make sure that you big a highly durable frame made from premium quality of materials, so that there are no breakage issues later on.
  2. Safety enclosure net: Most modern trampolines are now equipped with a safety enclosure net. This net helps keep your kids safe inside the trampoline as they are jumping. Even if they go off balance, they will not most likely suffer any injuries due to this option of the trampoline.
  3. Spring quality: Make sure that the springs attached to the frame are of supreme quality, because they act as a shock absorber, ultimately promote better stability, and balance while jumping.
  4. Warranty: Manufacturers are also giving separate warranties to the parts of the trampoline or as a whole. Always buy a product that is in warranty so that any post tearing or breakage can be claimed under the warranty.


A rectangle trampoline is the ideal sort of trampoline to buy. The springs installed in it provide more bounce due it its compact dimensions and it is safer as it does not draw you towards the center while jumping. In this article, I have reviewed all the trampolines in detail. I have given my comprehensive thoughts and top 3 recommendations for you to consider. This informative article shall help you in making the buying decision. If there are, any queries regarding this article feel free to let me know!

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