World Best Trampoline Tricks in 2020

Are you bore by playing some old trampoline tricks and games? Now its time to spice up your trampoline games and tricks with some enjoyable trampoline tricks. These tricks will enhance your trampoline fun and make your body more flexible too. To enjoy these tricks, the important thing is that your trampoline must be a high-quality trampoline with more flexibility in its jumping mat.

These tricks are simple and anyone can do it with perfection. However, it could be dangerous if you try these tricks without any practice and instructions. you have to spend enough time on the practice of these basic tricks because these tricks are the foundation for advanced trampoline tricks.

The trampoline fun and jumping are not only for kids but people of all ages can enjoy the trampoline fun with some tricks and games. Meanwhile, the only thing that is required to carry on your fun for a long time is trampoline safety measures. The trampoline pads and net are one of the safety accessories that give you protection during unlimited trampoline fun.

In this article, we will provide you some best trampoline tricks that will make your trampoline fun more exciting. You only need to follow the instructions and conditions while trying any of the below-mentioned trampoline tricks.

best trampoline tricks

Trampoline Tricks worth Trying

Let’s get jumped into the details of these enjoyable trampoline tricks.

1. Truck jump

For good tricks on your trampoline, the only thing needed is a balance. If you are capable of making good body balance then you are ready for this truck jump. It is one of the straightforward tricks on a trampoline. Moreover, this trick is as easy as falling off a log.

Conditions for truck jumps

  • Pointed toes
  • Hand on knees
  • Pull knees toward chest
  • High jump

In this move, you only have to jump and bounce high. While jumping in the air just have to pull your knees toward your chest. When coming down extend your both arms down to the ground and touch the trampoline mat in front of your knees.

When you practice this move again and again this will help you to increase your balance and body strength. This trick looks so simple and easy yet you only have to practice it with some care. The truck jump also gives you benefits to master in other tricks of trampoline as well.

2. Straddle jump

The straddle jump is one of the most advanced jump moves of the trampoline. This jump is also known as toe touch and this is also a famous jump in gymnastics. This jump is not as easy as a truck jump because in this jump you have to make a clean shape of your body while jumping in the air and landing on the ground.

Conditions of straddle jump

  • Horizontal legs
  • Pointed toes
  • V Shape of legs in the air( at least 90 degrees)
  • Hands touching to toes.

If you want to do this jump with great perfection then follow the below mentioned simple steps.

  1. Stretching

This jump requires two important things in your body in which first is flexibility and the second one is core muscle strength. Whenever you try to do this jump make sure that you stretch your body rigorously. It does not matter whether you are doing this jump for the first time or the second time. If you could not stretch your muscles properly then it may result in damage to a ligament or a muscle pull too.

  1. Position

In this jump, the V shape position is necessary to make while you jump in the air. When you jump high in the air you first have to open your legs in V shape. The second thing is you have to stretch your hand meanwhile you also have to touch your toes while you jump in the air.

For perfect straddle, jump position follows the below mentioned three steps.

  • First, try to make a perfect V shape in the air. Try to stretch your legs at least at 90 degrees angle.
  • Second, try to lean forward while touching your toes too.
  • Last, you have to try to jump high in the air while following the first two steps too.
  1. Practice

For all those people who are trying this jump for the first time, it is better to try it first on a gym mat rather than on a trampoline. The benefit of gym mat is that people will learn the first two important things of straddle jump that are V shape and toe touching. When they learn these things perfectly then they should try doing the same thing on the bouncing surface of the trampoline. The trampoline surface nest helps them to become perfect in getting height in their jumps with perfect V shape too.

  1. Jumping

On the trampoline surface, it is not possible to do high jumps earlier. The balancing of the body during jumps needs some time in becoming a perfect high jump. When you shift your straddle jump to trampoline take a look at the below-mentioned steps to make your jump effortless.

  • First, try to jump straight in the air. Do not try to make V shape and hand lifting at the start of your jumps
  • Next, try to jump as high as you can. The higher you jump the more perfect you are able to make your straddle position in the air.
  • In the end when you become perfect in high jumping with good straddle position this will also automatically increase your ability to hold the straddle position more in the air.


It makes no difference whether you are a beginner or intermediate person using a trampoline. The usual mistakes that most people make while doing the straddle jump are that they first try to make a perfect position during their jump. You always need some power and ability to lift your legs high in the air when you jump on a trampoline. In the beginning, people have little power of lifting their legs while they also try to touch their feet. This makes them fall on the trampoline and they are not able to make a perfect shape.

Another mistake is people look down on the trampoline mat while they jump. This thing will lose their intentions to make their straddle shape in the air and they fall down. It is better to focus on something that is in front of you rather than looking down on the ground.

3. Pike jump

The third best trampoline trick in the queue is the pike jump. Slightly, this jump is similar to the straddle jump. In addition when you become a master in straddle jump then this jump is a cinch for you.

Conditions for pike jump

  • Straight knees
  • Horizontal legs
  • Hands touching toes
  • Pointed toes

In order to become a master in this jump let’s have a look at some easy below mentioned steps.

  1. Bouncing

First of all, try to jump and bounce high on the trampoline. Make grip on your high jump and also try to increase the jump time in the air. Do not try to do any trick while jumping. Your focusing should be an only high jump. When you get a grip on high stable jumps the rest of the work will become effortless for you.

  1. Position

Once you become perfect in getting high the next thing is not perfect pike jump shape. In this jump, you will need to make a perfect L shape. For this shape, you only need below-mentioned steps things,

  • First You need to increase your momentum.
  • When you jump first, keep your hand up from your head and pull your legs jointly in front of you.
  • With the help of your arms try to bounce at maximum height.
  • Next, when you are in a landing position you have to bend your knees and keep your hands down on the trampoline mat for the second bounce.
  1. Landing and flexibility

For a perfect pike jump next you only needed a perfect landing with more flexibility. When you bounce first remember the landing instructions in your mind. After making the L shape in the air immediately bend your knees and sharply pull your hands down for the second high bounce.

The important thing for this best trampoline trick is the flexibility of your body. Your body should be flexible enough to make bouncing and landing quickly on the trampoline. If you want to increase your body flexibility try some stretching body exercises these will help you more in achieving good flexibility in your body.

4. Seat Drop

For kids, there are some easy and safe best trampoline tricks that give them protection and unlimited trampoline fun too. The seat drop is one of the safest and most fun trampoline tricks for kids. Let’s take a look at some easy steps for seat drop tricks.

Conditions for seat drop

  • High jump
  • Pointed toes
  • Aligned knees and feet together
  • Straight back
  • Legs position at 90 degrees to the body
  1. Jumping

The first thing is you have to make stable straight high jumps. When you attain grip on your high jumps it becomes effortless to try the trick. You have to do a straight vertical jump and while landing you must keep your body in a straight position. Moreover, another thing is you have to stand straight on the point from where you bounce in the air. This trick helps them to first achieve high in their bounce and later on try the trick when they bounce high.

  1. Sitting

When you completely get a grip on your high straight jumps then it’s time to prepare your body for sitting on a trampoline mat. For the drop sitting trick, you have to lift your legs straight in front of you at 90 degrees angle to your body. Next prepare your body to land on the center of the trampoline mat in a seated posture. Make sure one thing that your knees and feet must be positioned together with your pointed toes.

  1. Safety things

For kids, it is much better to use a trampoline net during this trick. Sometimes kids start this trick from any side of the trampoline and that could be dangerous for them because they may land on the edges of the trampoline. For their safety make a point in the center of the trampoline and teach them to do their seating trick from that point only. Moreover, in some trampoline, there is a square section or a round section in their centers for secure tricks.


At the end of this article, we hope that you will enjoy these best trampoline tricks with your friends and family. There is no hard and fast rule for these tricks. You just need to make your body more flexible and your time management ability good. With the help of all safety requirements that are provided for these trampoline jumps you will definitely experience the ultimate level of your trampoline fun.


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