Fun Things to do on a Trampoline

Are you passionate about doing some fun activities with your family on your backyard trampoline? If yes! Then in this article, we are going to give you a lot of fun activities for children as well as adults that they can do on a trampoline.

Safety and precautionary measures are needed in every game because the bouncing and jumping on soft trampoline surfaces may become dangerous for you sometime.

Do take the following safety measures first!

  • On a trampoline, whatever game you’re playing with family, especially with your kids, it is far better to cover the edges with the net.
  • While doing jumping, sometimes children may lose their balance and as a result, they may fall on the ground or may get hurt by the strong trampoline edges.
  • Always play the jumping and bouncing games with a solo motion so that nobody gets hurt and will be able to continue your fun with your family.
Fun things to do on a trampoline

Fun things for Children on a Trampoline

There are many learning, fun, and energetic games for children that they can enjoy on a trampoline. Let’s have a look at the best fun games for children on a trampoline.

Water Sprinkler

In the hot summer, use a water sprinkler on your trampoline and let the kid jump on it in their bathing suits. While kids jump on this sprinkle water, the mist will create great fun for them. Moreover, the swimsuit is most suitable for jumping on the mist trampoline because, in hot summers, it keeps your body temperature normal while jumping. Besides this, take all safety measures because jumping on the mist trampoline causes slippiness. Moreover, the slippiness will lead to some serious injuries as well as problems for both children and parents.

Blow-up Beach Ball

Now, this is a very interesting trampoline fun game for the whole family. In this game, all members have to lay down on the trampoline while keeping their heads together in the centre of it. Next, they all have to keep the beach ball blowing up with the help of their legs and hands. Also, count the time that how much time you lose control of the ball and try next time much harder to make a high record.

Hopper Ball

Go to a sports shop and buy a hopper ball for kids. Make sure the ball must have a safety handle on it. Now allow the kids to use the hopping ball and hop across the trampoline. Do not try to hop high because it will be dangerous for kids if they lose their grip on the hopping ball. They may fall on the edges of the trampoline or down in the ground while causing some injury issues.

Snake Rope Jump

In this activity, two persons standing outside the trampoline with the jumping rope and one kid stands inside the trampoline. Now the outside persons have to move the jumping rope in an s formation. The inner child on the trampoline has to jump on the rope without touching it with his feet and hands. If he touches the rope and does not jump, then he will lose the game as well as switch his position with the outside children.

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Party Dance

Sometimes children want to have fun while dancing in a group or like to dance with close friends. Put some Bluetooth speakers on the trampoline or add music in the trampoline by the way you like. Let the children enjoy the music and their dance party with their friends.

Tip: sometimes children forget to take the speaker back to home after their dance party. In these cases, it is better to use waterproof speakers even if the kid forgets to bring the speaker inside at home even during the whole night.

Water Bombs

One of the best and most enjoyable fun activities for kids on the trampoline is the water bomb. For this first, you have to soak different toys in the water. Now let the children wear their swimsuits and play with the water toys by catching and throwing the toys towards each other. These toys are just like water bombs while this activity lasts for hours.

Fun Drawing

Have you already know this thing that you can write on your trampoline surface with sidewalk chalk? It’s amazing ! if you allow children to draw canvas and their family picture on the trampoline with chalk. You no need to worry about the cleaning of chalk from the trampoline because when kids start jumping on it, the chalk disappears slowly. Moreover, even with slight rain, the chalk will disappear from your trampoline easily.


Draw a clear and normal size of hopscotch on your trampoline surface with the help of sidewalk chalk. Now let the children jump across the hopscotch carefully. This hopscotch jumping brings creativity (decide whether to jump backwards or do spin jump across the hopscotch) and gives more fun to children.


If you did not have a twister board in your home, then nothing to worry about it. Take sidewalk chalk and draw your twister board on the trampoline surface. It depends on you whether you want to try the original game spinner or you can also use the newer Twister Hoopla version for your unlimited fun.

Obstacle Course

Make an obstacle course in your backyard by using different things and finish that obstacle to your trampoline. Now allows the kids to pass the obstacles in a limited time. Besides this, when they reach the trampoline, they have to do some specified numbers of jumps, bouncing, spin bouncing, and also some knees- ups on it. This will increase their stamina to win the obstacle course and also make their time management ability good.

Egg Cracking

In this game, one person has to sit like an egg in the centre of the trampoline by wrapping his arms to his knees while keeping the knees close to his chest. Now the other members start jumping around the egg until the egg cracks. The members are not allowed to jump close to the egg, and they also are not allowed to touch the egg. Once the egg got cracked now, it’s the second member to become an egg. Tip: this game is more safe and secure when you play it with a net around your trampoline.

Learning With Jumps

Do your children are enthusiastic about learning different things while having fun? Learning with a trampoline is always fun and the most energetic way to teach your children. The method is simple, and you just need to give a question to your child and write different possible answers on the trampoline surface. Allow the children to jump on the answer that they think correct. For children 2-5 years old you can do this game with numbers or simple letters.

Science on Trampoline

The different concepts of science are cleared more when you experience them in your life. Children learn the basics of science more quickly when they experience the things around them. Learning science with a trampoline is always a fun thing as well as a simple way to teach science to children. You can easily teach the children about the concept of gravity, friction, static electricity, weight while doing some energetic exercise and fun too.

Fun Things For Adults on a Trampoline

There are many ways and energetic exercises that the adult can enjoy on a trampoline. Let’s have a look at fun things for adults on a trampoline.


Do you love doing kickboxing at your gym? Now it’s time to do kickboxing at your home on your backyard trampoline. Try the kickboxing on the trampoline with higher jumps, energy as well as for fun too. Tip: try the kickboxing on the trampoline with a net and do it in a solo motion. It is possible that you will lose your balance while doing the higher jumps on it and fall on the ground and may get some muscle injury too.


Have you always done your yoga on a floor mat? Now it’s time to do your yoga with more fun on a trampoline. It is not possible to do all poses of yoga on the trampoline because of its bouncing while you can do some simple poses of yoga with more fun and enjoyment on it.

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Have you ever tried warm-ups on the trampoline before running? If not, then it’s time to warm up your body with fun and more energy. Before running, you always need to warm up your body a little bit. This warm-up gives you the energy to run even faster and cross your finish line in a limited time.

Modified Gym Exercise

If you are not getting enough time to travel and go to the gym, then you do not try some modified gym exercises on your trampoline? In the gym, you have to do different moves and exercise for your fitness purpose. You can also do some of your gyms moves on the trampoline in more modified ways like high knees, squats, lunges, burpees, and jumping jacks. Moreover, you can simply do juggling along the perimeter of your trampoline.

In summing up the article, we hope that you will enjoy the best trampoline games for your children and adults too. With these games, you can teach your children different things and can enhance their decision-making ability too. You can also do some energetic gym exercises and even can enjoy your Sunday with your family even doing more fun on the trampoline.

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