How to Choose a Trampoline? 3 Important Factors to Consider

Did you find any difficulty in choosing a safe trampoline for your family fun? So do not take any tension about the purchase of a safe and durable trampoline.

The construction of a trampoline is not straightforward. It contains different types of coil springs, Metal springs, pads, roads, leader, safety nets, and the bouncing mat. Choosing the right trampoline for your family fun is a tricky thing because you have to consider all the factors like space, kids’ safety, adult fun, and other weight loss factors.

How to choose a trampoline

How to Select a Trampoline?

The important things that you should consider while buying the right trampoline are their shapes, springs, and size. Let’s have a look at each factor in depth to buy the best safe trampoline for your family fun.

1. Shapes

There are different shapes of trampolines available in the market for kids, adults, high jumpers, and athletes one. Let’s have to take a look at different shapes of trampolines.

Round Shape

This trampoline is used for recreational purposes, while for outdoor activities, it is one of the versatile forms of a trampoline. Mostly the size of the trampoline comes in 5 to 16 feet of diabetes, but these round shape trampoline best fit in your backyard and home garden.

You can also keep this trampoline in the front area of your house if it is big or you have enough space there. These round shapes are one of the most affordable trampolines in the market. Also, they give you easy portability and lightweight options too.

Rectangular Shape Trampoline

For processional and athletes who love to practice their different tricks on the trampoline, this shape is built for them. Their rectangular shape makes these trampoline locations friendly because they can easily be fitted near corners, patio, narrower backyard, and fences too.

These trampolines are more compact than other available trampolines in the market. However, you can not be able to do a lot of recreational processes on these rectangle trampolines. Besides this, these trampolines are expensive than round one, but they give you a higher bounce then the round shape trampoline.

3. Square Shape Trampoline

If you are looking for an ideal combination of the round and rectangular trampoline, then you will get the square shape trampoline, although they give you a big safe room for your recreational and outdoor trampoline tricks as well as games. They also offer you a good bounce and give you a good fitting option too.

4. Mini Trampoline

While the big trampolines are used for fun with family and kids learning, you can use these mini trampolines for your fitness benefits. These trampolines are affordable and compact even so they give you a good indoor strength plus balance training option.

If you like to do exercise at your home or have some exercise machines, then the addition of a mini trampoline will add extra benefit and excitement to your fitness goal. The exercise of the mini-trampoline daily 30 minutes helps you to burn a lot of your calories, make your muscles strong, and gives your body flexibility.

5. Inflatable Trampoline

These trampolines are also known as a water trampoline. Generally, in the trampoline, there are different kinds of springs that give you bouncing ability and safety during the bounce. However, to give you better support on the bouncing mat, water inflated tubes are used in these trampolines rather than springs. These tubes avert the trampoline to the sinking in water. Their buying is more expensive than the other trampoline because they need daily maintenance for their inflation, deflation, and storage.

2. Springs

The springs of the trampolines give you more bouncing ability and make it hard as well as rugged for your fun games. Moreover, on these hard metal springs, there are soft cushion pads that give you safety if you fall on its springs. There are two types of springs that are available in trampolines. Let’s take a look at both of them.

Spring Build Trampoline

A trampoline in which the stretched mat or canvas is fixed with metal coil springs and steel frame categories as spring build trampoline. These springs have a minimum ability rate to absorb shock. These high tension springs give you a limited bounce capacity because of its sturdy sealed construction. The canvas of this trampoline also rigid and gives you stability on landing.

Some spring build trampolines give you a less rigid canvas as well as a high bounce because of their low tension springs. According to some studies, these low tension springs trampoline is not safe and cause injuries because of their improper padding as well as their higher bounce.

Springfree Trampoline

In these Springfree or springless trampoline, fiberglass rods are used instead of metal coils or springs. These fiberglass rods support the jumping surface, and it gives one of the safest as well as secure jumping surfaces for your kids and family. The jumping surface is attached skillfully parallel to the trampoline frame and the ground too.

This parallel attachment of jumping surfaces gives you more support, safety, and balance during your bounce. The Springfree trampoline is far much better than the spring build trampoline. There are not many chances of injuries and muscle pain because there are no hard springs attached to the jumping mat.

3. Size

Selecting the right size of the trampoline is a very important factor if you want to have unlimited fun with your family. Different sizes of trampolines are available in the market. It depends on you which size of the trampoline suits you best? Let’s have a look at different sizes of the trampoline for more fun and games.

8 Feet

The 8 feet trampoline is one of the best trampolines for your kids and narrow space too. It is made of high quality durable, and flexible material while it is 2.4 meters wide too. The weight capacity of this trampoline is 180 pounds. Also, this trampoline is more close to the ground than any other trampoline size if a heavyweight person jumps on this trampoline, so it may be possible that he will touch the ground during his bounce.

10 Feet

The 10 feet trampoline is best for adults and smaller families. The maximum weight capacity of this trampoline is 330 pounds that is much more than the 8 feet trampoline. This trampoline also includes a trampoline safety ladder that makes accessibility to jumping pad trouble-free.

12 Feet

The universal size of the trampoline is 12 feet while it carries the same capacity of weight 330 pounds of a 10 feet trampoline. For active jumpers, this size suits them best. This size is more durable as well as reliable than other trampoline sizes. With this size, you will also get a safety leader.

13 Feet and UP

If you need high jumping capacity in your trampoline, then the 13 feet is ideal to buy. It gives you more weight capacity while the height of its jumping mat is aloft to the ground. For old and adult jumpers, this is the best option. You can do a lot of your tricks and games with its high bouncing mat.

In summing up the article, we made sure that we gave you all the essential information in choosing the best trampoline for your fun. In the end, it depends on you whether you are choosing a trampoline for your kids, adults, or your whole family. You can choose the trampoline according to your safety considerations and availability of space for the trampoline in your house.

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