How to Clean a Trampoline

Are you finding some easy and hassle-free ways to make your trampoline clean for endless fun activities?  Nothing to worry about, because we are here to provide you with some simple and easy ways to clean your trampoline perfectly.

The trampoline indeed makes your Sunday more enjoyable, and you will be able to do a lot of fun activities with your family on it. The trampoline becomes dirty after continuous because different kids’ activities make you trampoline dirtier like the use of side chalk, water bomb games, and some more fun activities.

The strings of trampoline may become rusty or might rip apart in case of exposure to harsh weather such as snow or heavy rains. It is necessary to clean your trampoline even once in a month if you want to increase its fun time and durability too. In this article, we will give you some easy protection and cleaning ways of a trampoline. By following the instructions, you can enjoy more fun with your family and children.

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Ultimate Guide to Clean Your Trampoline

There are many different ways to clean a trampoline. Some people use expensive detergents and chemicals to clean their trampoline. Cleaning is not very difficult, and you can easily rinse it with plain water.

Things you will need

  • Medium size bucket
  • Broom
  • Warm water with soap
  • Scrubbing brushes
  • Water hose
  • Clean towels

Additionally, the cleaning of the trampoline is also a fun activity, and you can enjoy it with your kids too. While cleaning, the important thing is that you can find the damaged parts of your trampoline. Moreover, you can also replace the damaged parts as soon as possible to avoid any injury and disaster during jumping and bouncing.

1. Cleaning of the Trampoline Mat Surface

The main thing in a trampoline is its soft mat surface on which you do a lot of fun activities and games with your beloved ones. Therefore, cleaning the mat is one of the most important things if you want to do fun for a long time with your family on your backyard trampoline.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to clean your trampoline mat perfectly.

A. Broom

First, on the dry trampoline mat, use a broom to clean all the big chunks of dirt, leaves, and any other particles. The broom can also clean all the tiny dust particles from the soft mat too. Most people skip this step because they think the hose will be enough to clean all the dust particles. Believe us, sweeping the mat with a broom firstly saves you a lot of time and effort later on.

B. Hose and scrub

The next set is hosing the trampoline mat with plain water. Carefully soaked the whole mat along this take your scrubbing brush with the warm soap water and start scrubbing on the mat. We recommend you to use a soft bristle brush, even a harsh and hard bristle brush. The hard bristle brush will damage your trampoline mat and leave scratches on it.

With the soft bristle brush, you will be able to clean the mat more efficiently without leaving any scratch and tear on the mat. One you completely scrubbing the trampoline mat, then rinse the soap by using plain water. Make sure that all soap will rinse out completely from the mat.

C. Drying

The final step in its cleaning is the drying of its mat. You can use a towel to wipe all the water from its mat and make it dry. After using the towel, let it dry in direct sunlight for at least 3 to 4 hours before using it. The drying is important because there is even a single drop of water or soap left on the mat that will cause a slip while jumping and bouncing. The sleepiness on the trampoline mat sometimes causes some serious injuries, muscle pain, and damage.

2. Trampoline Pads Cleaning

The next important thing, just like the mat in the trampoline, is its pads. These pads protect the springs from snow, harsh cold weather, and rain too. Moreover, they are not elastic like the mat, but they are soft, just like cushions. Although their main purpose is to protect the spring of trampoline from damaging material, they also give you protection from the hard springs.

Now the question arises: how to clean the trampoline pads?

They are somehow similar to the mat, so the cleaning process of pads is the same, just like the cleaning of the mat. While cleaning the pads, you just need to pay extra attention to two areas during their cleaning. One area is where the pads are attached to the mat surface. The second area is where the pads connect to the springs. These are the areas where most dust particles, snow, and water accumulate that will cause the rusting problem on springs later on.

3. Cleaning of Trampoline Safety Net

One of the safety accessories in the trampoline during your unlimited fun activity is the safety nets of your trampoline. These nets reduce the chances of injuries and other disasters during jumping and bouncing, especially for children. They protect you from falling on the ground and also protect you from hitting your head as well as other body parts on the trampoline hard frame. It is simple and clear that the safety net makes a difference for you between a broken bone and your fun activities or games.

The cleaning of the net is also simple and easy. You can wash the net with your hands by taking it down from the trampoline. Additionally, this method is quite hectic, and it will take more time and effort. A more simple way to clean the net is by using a car wash hose. Although you have to invest some good amount of money to purchase it, also, this will save your time, effort, and clean the net efficiently. With this hose, the high pressure of water washes all the dust particles from the tiny net holes while making it cleaner.

4. Cleaning of Trampoline Springs

The most important cleaning part of the trampoline is its springs. The springs are made by metal while they provide the elasticity to the trampoline mat. Due to rain, snow, and other elements, these springs become rusty, and ultimately, they lose their elasticity ability too.

If you want to increase the lifespan of your trampoline and its durability, then pay attention to the cleaning of its spings. The cleaning is effortless, just like the cleaning of mat and pads. You only need a bucket of soapy warm water and brush. Clean the whole sides of the springs carefully. At the end of the cleaning, make sure about one thing that is the drying of springs. Dry the springs by using a towel and let them dry in direct sunlight too.

One more thing you can do to protect them from rust is sprayed with a rust spray. While doing rust spray, just make sure about one thing that first removes them from the mat. This step is important because rust spray chemicals can damage your trampoline pads and matt.

Are the strings rust? Do NOT Worry, here is how you can clean rust off your trampoline strings!

While doing the cleaning of trampoline springs, if you find any rusty spring, then mark it with a tape. This thing will help you to find the rusty spring easily while cleaning the rust. Here we are providing an easy way to easily get rid of your springs rust while keeping the springs healthy and strong.

  • Take a small bowl, add some salt and fresh lime juice in it. You can also use lemon in case you do not find a lime. Now mix the content thoroughly to make a paste. With the help of a wooden tongue, apply this paste directly on the rusty spring and leave the paste on the springs for 2-3 hours.
  • After 2-3 hours, take a toothbrush and gently scrub the paste on the rust part of the springs. Make sure that you completely scrub the paste on all rusty sides. After scrubbing, rinse the paste off with the help of a hose and dry the springs completely.
  • This recipe helps you to get rid of the upper rust of springs. Besides this, if your springs get rust deep inside, then it is better to change the springs rather than to waste money on their cleaning elements.
  • Lastly, apply some petroleum jelly on the springs. This thing lubricates your springs and avoids the rust formation again on the springs.

Trampoline Care During Winter

Leaving the trampoline out in your backyard is a situation of having no extra space in-home for your trampoline. If you have no option rather then leaving it outside in your backyard, then you should do some proper procedure to protect it from harsh and cold winter.

The frame pads of the trampoline are soft, and they can easily get damaged by the harsh winter, snow, and rain. To protect them, first remove them out and must store them inside of your house. Moreover, the mat of the trampoline act as a filter, and rainwater easily passes through the mat. On the other hand, the snow will damage the mat too. Makes sure that you clean the springs and mat with a broom or a brush after every snowstorm.

While the covering of the trampoline is not a good idea and it is not recommended at all. The cover creates moisture inside the trampoline mat that causes the sinking and fungus on the trampoline mat. In the windy areas, you should also take care of your trampoline to avoid any disaster. Make sure that you fix your trampoline more strongly in your backyard.


In summing up the article, we hope that now you will be able to clean your trampoline without any difficulty. After carefully reading the different steps of cleaning of trampoline parts make it easy for you to clean them effortlessly. Moreover, when you properly clean your trampoline in winter and hot summer, you will be able to do more fun activities with your family. The cleaning also increases your trampoline lifetime and durability. So make your trampoline clean and continue your fun activities with your beloved ones.

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