What Are Trampoline Exercises? (4 Best) Stay Fit & Healthy

Jumping on a trampoline is much more than fun, as it used to be in childhood. The amazing thing about trampoline exercises is that you get a complete body strength, cardiovascular, core, and weight-loss workout in 30 0r 40 minutes session. Moreover, you won’t feel exhausted and have a lot of fun doing that.

4 Trampoline Exercises to Improve Health

Your physical health demands nothing but a cheap mini trampoline placed at any corner of your house. You can spend your favorite time while jumping on that mini-trampoline, playing your favorite music and wearing whatever you want to. There are no sanctions at all.

Low-Impact and High Intensity

As I’ve already mentioned that NASA is more concerned about their astronauts’ physical well being. A study by NASA reveals that jumping on a trampoline is 68 percent more effective than running or jogging. According to a fitness club, a 20 minutes trampoline session is more effective than 1 hour of continuous walking. So the equation is simple trampolining is a high-intensity influence with low impact on joints.

Become Slim in a Healthy Way

Trampolining is a perfect way to lose weight naturally. Going to the gym and doing complex cardiovascular exercise is not possible in everyone’s case. In a short trampoline session, you’ll be sweating with an elevated heartbeat rate. Thus it’s the best way to avoid schedule training and difficult and demanding cardio drills.

Improve Balance and Coordination

The best thing about rebounding is that it improves your coordination, posture, and balance. It improves brain-body coordination. By stimulating your ocular and auditory nerves. Continuous rebounding will help you to react quickly and it’s an incredible skill if you develop.

A study in Brazil reveals that rebounding assists elderly people to maintain their balance during a fall. It also helps athletes with ankle sprains to regain their balance.

Jumping on a Trampoline? What Does it Mean?

Jumping on a trampoline is probably the perfect exercise ever known by men. You can’t even calculate the health benefits of simply moving your body up and down under the influence of gravity. Jumping on a trampoline engages all your muscles, activates all the cells and targets each and every bone, and gives your body healing and rejuvenating effects.

trampoline exercise

Health Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline has tremendous effects on your overall physical health. Unlike other exercises that target specific muscles in the body, jumping on a trampoline engages your all 638 muscles at once. Incredible? Isn’t it?

In addition to all muscles relaxing and flexing at the same time, it increases your G-force. G-force essentially means the force produced in a body as a result of gravity. The higher you jump, the higher G-force created, and the higher impact as a consequence. Some of the major health benefits on jumping on a trampoline are entitled below

Increase Bone Density

Bone density is directly related to your bone strength. The best way to boost bone density is to work against gravity. When you jump on a trampoline all your muscles get the workout by working against gravity. It is therefore that the astronauts can lose 15 % of bones and muscle mass in just 14 days at zero gravity in space.it also strengthens your weight-bearing bones like knees, ankles, and back without any risk of injury.

Strengthens the Cells and Detoxify Your Body

The total body health is the cumulative result of individual cell health and well-being. Cell mal-functionality leads to DNA mutations and degenerative diseases. Hopping on a trampoline makes all the body cells move and become strong by working against gravity.

Not only this your lymphatic system also gets the treatment. The Lymphatic system has no circulatory system of its own. It totally depends on our body movements to circulate its fluid through the body. As the lymph fluid tends to flow in an upward direction the upward movements are extremely beneficial for it. And consequently, the lymphatic system detoxifies your body from multiple toxins entering your body.

Boost Up the Immune System

Stud reveals that white blood cells are multiplied in number in three minutes session of rebounding. These white blood cells are circulated throughout the body and the immune system is boosted up.

Increases Oxygen Intake and Improves Lung Health

A study done by NASA reveals that jumping sessions on a trampoline can enhance your oxygen intake and its circulation throughout the body. The results are quite obvious. A well-oxygenated body does not host any anaerobic rogue cells and disease-causing germs.

Improves the Digestive System

The digestive system has a direct impact on overall health. Muscles in the digestive organs contract and relax as a result of up and down rebounding movements. In short rebounding on trampoline surfaces enhance peristalsis, prevents constipation, and helps in absorbing nutrients more efficiently.

These are some mini trampoline exercises and I guarantee you that this 20 minutes simple jumping session will boost your health efficiently. Here some points you must know before jumping into details

  • Continue each exercise for two to three minutes.
  • Get the rhythm by slightly jumping and bouncing on a trampoline in the beginning
  • It is necessary to take short breaks and rest during the session.
  • To keep yourself hydrated and prevent exhaustion keep on drinking water continuously during the breaks.
  • If you are a beginner start with relatively shorter sessions and easy exercises

Jumping Jack

Position yourself on the trampoline surface with both your arms alongside your body and feet together. Start jumping into the air by tripping both feet outwards and extending your arms on either side of the body. then jump back to the initial position and continue this drill for 3 minutes.

Pelvic Jumps

You can do this amazing exercise by placing an exercise ball or block between your knees. After that start jumping at a relatively slower pace try to engage your pelvic muscles throughout. You can get your thighs workout by squeezing the ball in between the thighs. Continue jumping for three minutes at a constant pace.

Bouncing Down

Stand straight on the trampoline surface with feets a bit wider. As you jump, move your knees towards your chest and swing your arms in the opposite direction for counterbalance. Make sure your head remains at the same level and you land with both feet on the surface, not with heels or toes. It’s a light drill and you can do it at the beginning of the session to gain momentum.


Begin with standing straight with both feet under hips and arms at your sides. Jump in a way that your one-foot swings in forward and other in the backward direction. Make sure that your head remains at the same level throughout and swing your arms naturally to gain more rhythm. Quickly reverse the direction of the legs.

Surf Twist

Take the position on the trampoline with your feet shoulder-distance apart. Keep in mind that your feet should remain at the same distance throughout the drill. As you jump into the air rotate your body at 45 degrees and rebound in the opposite direction to gain the initial position. Switch the direction of a turn every time.

180-Degree Turns

Stand in the center of the rebounder with both feet together and knees slightly bent.as you jump into air rotate your body at an angle of 180 degree-half circle. Use the rebounder to return to the initial position. Switch the direction from left to right and right to left in each turn.

Pulling the Knee

Begin with both feet together under your hips and stand in the center of the trampoline. extend your arms laterally out upto a shoulder length. Lift the knees alternatively towards the chest at and bend the knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Don’t forget to pull your arms back as you lift the knee.

Side to Side Jumps

Stand with both feet slightly apart inside the right edge of the trampoline surface. As you jump, propel your body towards the left so that you land just inside the left edge of the trampoline with both feet. The jump requires a bit greater force and control on your feet. Continue hopping from left to right and right to left for upto 120 seconds.


Take position in the middle of the trampoline with tightly zipped legs, feet together and slightly bent knees. Start jumping from left to right and right to left while keeping your legs and feet tightly together. To gain extra momentum swing your arms back and forth just as you are skiing.

These jumping movements require more space so they require an outdoor large trampoline

Tuck Jumps

To do this drill first you need to gain the momentum by slightly bouncing on the trampoline surface. Once you get the rhythm strat bouncing higher. Bring your knees to close to your chest at the peak of bounce. The higher you jump the more workout you get.

Pike Jumps

In pike jumps, you target your core and stomach muscles. Stand straight with your feet under your hips. As you jump extend your legs laterally out in front of you. At the top of bounce touch your toes by extending your arms forward. Keep on jumping this way for 30 seconds, take a breath, and then start again.

Split Pike Jumps

It’s another cardiovascular trampoline exercise that engages almost all of the muscles in your body. It requires hopping up with a straight back, extending your arms upward, and landing in a cat-like posture on your four. Make sure that you don’t lose control and keep your hands and feet stiff as you land. The jump is a bit tricky and you need a lot of practice to get the ultimate posture. Take a slow start and eventually, you’ll love it.

You can integrate a variety of trampoline exercise into your daily routine other than jumping

Plank Hold

Place your forearms on the trampoline surface so that elbows are just under your elbows. Extend your legs behind you. Make sure that your body is just supported by your feet and forearms. Keep your body straight from head to toe, engage your core, and remind yourself to be positioned like this for upto 60 seconds.

Oblique Twists

Sit in the center of the trampoline with bent knees, slightly lean backward by engaging your core. Lift your feet in such a way that your torso and thighs form a V-posture. While maintaining this posture turn your body towards the right and place the hands on the left side of the trampoline. Repeat the twist by switching position from right to left and left to right.

Boxing on Trampoline

It’s another interesting exercise related to the trampoline. Boxing is one of the most demanding drills in the world. When it is combined with trampoline bouncing and jumping movements it delivers incredible outcomes.

Trampoline Yoga

Your trampoline is not restricted to merely bouncing and jumping.it can provide a favorite flexible mat for yoga as well.

How to Stay Safe?

  • Your first priority should be your safety. Use a trampoline with a safety net, safety bar or safety handles.
  • If you are using mini trampoline rebounder at your make sure that it is placed away from furniture any hard object
  • Keep your torso straight and aligned during the jumping session.
  • Prefer to wear tennis shoes to get more stability and balance.

If you have any medical complications regarding your bones and muscles, consult your physician before starting the trampoline exercises

As an ending note, I would say that trampoline exercises are an ultimate way of building strength, toning the body, improving coordination and balance, enhancing the immunity, getting fit and slim and to gain an overall sound physical health.


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